This is a legally binding agreement between the owner of https://tayshouseofchats.com/ and Kutty Soft Info Tech Pvt Ltd pertaining to the position of Ownership of https://tayshouseofchats.com/

I …………………………………. do hereby agree to abide by the rules and conditions set out below whilst running https://tayshouseofchats.com/ as site Owner

 The site is to be accessible to those who are legally over the age of 18 years ONLY

 There is to be NO child pornographic content of any kind, whether it be in conversation or visual format, including that in conversation in private messages OR in main chat.

 The site will be run full in co-operation with other co-owners. All co-owners take full responsibility for any issues arising with the administration of https://tayshouseofchats.com/

 I will financially Pay 50 $ for Take Full Ownership registration of https://tayshouseofchats.com/


 Kutty Soft Info Tech reserves the right to cancel this agreement should any of the above terms be breached.

! important https://tayshouseofchats.com/ = https://thehouseofchats.com/


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